Maslenitsa is the Russian Sun Festival – a celebration of the end of winter chills and the start of Spring, of warmth,
of hope, of growth. Not surprisingly, it is a particularly big deal in Russia!
Sunday 2nd March 2014, Trafalgar Square
Free public event
1. Family
Maslenitsa is traditionally a family event, and its London cousin will be no different, with a children's marquee programme featuring exclusive performances, a presentation of Maslenitsa traditions, with audience interaction, performances of traditional songs by children's groups and plenty of competitions, games and fun.
2. Music
No celebration would be complete without music and the richness and diversity of Russia's musical heritage will laid out in a buzzing programme, direct from Russia of dance, theatre and folk, pop and jazz music.
3. Food
Sample your way around a marketplace of authentic Russian dishes, ranging from the staples of beef stroganoff and borscht (beetroot soup) to such regional delicacies as pelmeni (Russian-style pasta), traditional Russian pastries (bubliki and vatrushki) and, of course, the quintessential Maslenitsa delicacy: blini (pancakes).
4. Crafts
Trafalgar Square will be transformed into a bustling bazaar exhibiting and selling original Russian Art, handicrafts and souvenirs, ranging from the traditional to the contemporary.
5. Spring Salutation
Tell winter where to get off and say "Zdravstvui Maslenitsa!" to Spring as only the Russians can! Russian people love to party so grab a drink and a blini and join in the fun. You won't be disapointed.
Ensemble Productions and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation have come to a mutual agreement on appropriate adjustments to the festival of Russian culture 'Maslenitsa' in London, given that in 2014 the festival will take place during the Russian Year of Culture in the UK. The organisers are pleased to confirm the support of the Ministry for the festival, which will take place from February - March 2014.
The Ministry of Culture has been a partner of the festival since 2009, and the festival of 'Maslenitsa' in London is one of the most ambitious Russian cultural events in the world. The festival will be held in London from February 24 to March 2, 2014. March 2 shall see the culmination of this event in the main square of the British capital - Trafalgar Square. For details, please see the festival week programme at the official festival website, or contact the festival organisers Ensemble Productions on +44 208 832 74 24, or email
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Some of the performers at Maslenitsa 2014
Cossack Ensemble "Sacma"
Dima Bilan
Dina Garipova
DJ Boyara
Liudmila Nikolaeva
Moscow Music Hall
Russian Soul